Does The Falcon Glass Railing System meet building code requirements?

Yes. The Falcon Glass System was engineered to meet or exceed all building codes. You can feel secure enjoying your Million dollar view with the Falcon Glass Railing System.

Does The Falcon Glass System come in different heights or colors?

Yes, The Falcon Glass System comes in any height or color needed. All fabrication is completed at Falcon Railing USA. This allows us to customize The Falcon Glass System to meet your requirements. These posts are available in eight popular colors: Rideau Brown, Black, White, Taupe, Bronze C34, Brown C33, Silver, and Nu Sparkle Silver. A huge array of custom colors are also available upon request. See our gallery of post colors here. For an additional charge, a huge array of custom colors are also available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

What is the Maximum span of glass you can use with The Falcon Glass System?

The posts of The Falcon Glass System are evenly spaced across a straight run with a maximum spacing at 54 inches on center.

Can I purchase the posts and install the glass railing system myself?

Yes. Falcon Railings USA will be happy to supply the post and glass for your project.

How can I purchase the posts and glass with complete assurance?

Falcon Railings USA uses PayPal, so your purchase is covered by the PayPal guarantee.